Tuesday, September 17, 2019

First School Meeting of the 2019-2020 School Year!

Kindergartners headed to their first school meeting!

Ellis Rodi, Bella Hilton, and Alex Hatfield perform!

Great job Bella and Alex!

Core Value Jeopardy!

Ellis, Anabel, Sarah, and Greta share their thoughts about each core value!

Sadie, Sarah, and Rory do a great job presenting at school meeting today!

Katie Crompton....ready and waiting for when Alex Trebek retires!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A message from Mrs. Hardy!

Memorial Donation to our Library!
By Sue Hardy, Library and Tech Teacher
            When I started teaching at Essex Elementary, some 30+ years ago, there was a fifth grade teacher named Di Athens. She had a passion for art and loved to share it not only with the students in her class but with the whole student body. She would visit the classrooms and talk to the children about well-known artists and show examples of their work. Through her guidance and expertise the children learned how to look at art. While she retired a number of years ago, her legacy is ever-present in our school today. Every classroom received a large, beautifully framed copy of a well-known piece of art. Some examples include Degas’ Ballerinas, Winslow Homer’s Boys in a Pasture and Georgia O’Keeffe’s Light of Iris. Her generosity didn’t end there though. She donated hundreds of smaller prints to the library for the children to check out. She taught them how to store it in its secure envelope for safekeeping on the way to and from school. The students would share what they learned with their families when the print was on display in their home. These prints have been carefully stored in the library and will be shared with the district’s art department for teaching purposes.
            Mrs. Athens passed away this past spring. Her brothers have made a generous donation to our library. With her in mind, we chose books that reflect the love she had for the arts and children. When your child brings one of these library books home you’ll find a bookplate inside the front cover recognizing the donation and her continuing influence on the children of Essex. Please feel free to come to the library yourself and see these additions to our collection.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

EES Expected Behavior Event

Every year we review what is expected throughout the school with all students.  We have found that this has really helped provide clarity for staff and students so we are all on the same page.  This has made a huge positive difference in the behavior of students and improved the overall culture of our school.  In this picture, students learn from Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Morriss what is expected if they come to the office or nurse's suite.  

First grade students learn what is expected in the hallways at EES!

Miss Darlene explains cafeteria expectations.

Dr. Welling reviews appropriate bathroom expectations.  

Visuals support the expectations throughout the building.

Mr. Marche talks about good sportsmanship and expectations during recess.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School year! It was an AMAZING first day with students! Enjoy the pics!

The new Essex Police Chief Paul Francis joined us for opening day!

Rory, I cannot believe you are in 5th grade!  Happy Birthday to you!

The whole family came to school today!  

Welcome back Graeme!

Good job remembering to walk your bike Henry!!!

Kindergarten students are so darn cute!!

These 5th grade students are so ready to be role models for the rest of the school!  

Mr. Marche having some fun on the first day!

Calvin could lead this activity!  :) 

Do I look like I am having fun?????

These two friends were SO excited to see one another!

Love the flexible seats in third grade, Mrs. C!

Is it snack time already????

Recess time!!!

First graders settled in so easily!

They are so ready for school!

I heard all about catching fish this summer!

Callum is excited to be back!

Kindergarten students learn the expectations around the school.

The new school clothes are the BEST!

First graders take over the principal's office!  

Two new first graders are excited to be here!   

Miss Patty chats with our new kindergarten students!

Kindergarteners settle in!

Mrs. Russo making connections with her new students!

Fun times in the cafeteria!