Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Second Grade ...Authentic Learning connected to reading unit and social studies standards....

Grade 2 is engaged in an integrated economic unit that explores the question, "How do families work together?" Students have been reading expository texts that give information about how families collaborate to keep the home running smoothly and to make decisions about how to spend time and money. Throughout this process, the students have developed their conceptual understanding about needs vs. wants, and goods and services. Second graders learned that another way families work together is for the adult members to have jobs that allow them to earn money to purchase the family's needs and wants. These jobs are either service-based or related to producing/distributing goods. This week, a variety of community members visited EES to share about what they do each day at their jobs. The students learned about a wide-range of occupations. The visitors shared how their varied interests led them to find careers related to things they loved to do. Our unit will conclude with children considering their interests and how they might lead to a profession some day. We will also take a field trip to Woodmans to learn how a business runs. These authentic opportunities for learning truly allow students to consider how learned ideas and concepts apply to the real-world.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Third Grade Research...Authentic Learning!

The third graders are learning to ask questions as they read about a topic. The students are also learning to research using note taking skills and sources. Each student researched facts about a National Park. Students are creating a real world project connecting to the National Parks. Choices include designing and creating a travel log, virtual field trip, brochure, poster, or postcard.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Project Based Learning in 2nd Grade!!

Second graders engaged in a project-based learning unit called Socktober.  Throughout the month of October, they considered the essential question, "How can we help local children in need?"  Students learned about needs and wants, and discovered that some families do not have the means to provide basic necessities for their children.

The students hosted a sock drive to collect new, clean children’s socks to be donated to The Community Giving Tree, a local organization that gathers and distributes children's clothing, diapers, and other necessities to families on the North Shore.  The children created flyers and letters to inform their families about the sock drive and to persuade them to donate.  Students used skip counting and a variety of mental addition and subtraction strategies to determine the total socks collected.  They created bar graphs and pictographs to represent the data for socks collected.

In all, the students collected 620 pairs of new children's socks.  Last week, a representative from The Community Giving Tree visited visit to teach students about the mission of the organization. She described how volunteers gather donations and distribute them to people who need them. The students asked thoughtful questions about the process. She was very impressed with how many socks our second graders collected.


Monday, November 15, 2021

Just Another Day at EES!!


Kindergartners learning how to count and write their numbers!

Happy students at lunch!!!

2k students created monsters and wrote awesome descriptions!!

Math workshop in Mrs. Dwyer's 1st grade class!

Using the number grid to subtract!

Amazing 3rd grade art work in Mrs. Yutkins class!

Math workshop in Mrs. Field's 5th grade class!

Dr. Welling teaching stress management techniques to Miss Porciello's 4th grade class.